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Monday News #4 - COVID-19 Impact on Google & Amazon, PS5 Reveals, Mi10 & Low Sales on PC Industry.

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Monday News #4 | UnBoxPatrol 
So in today's Monday News #4 we got some news in tech, updates & effect.

Monday News #4 - Apple IOS Update, Sony PlayStation Specifications Reveals, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4, Mi10 Lunch In India, COVID-19 Effects On PC Industry & Google.

1. Apple IOS 13 Updates May Bring Changes.

Apple IOS New Updates | Monday News #4 | UnBoxPatrol
Apple IOS released the GM seed of 13.4 which may bring some updates & new features.

Some of the new features which you can see like iCloud drive folder sharing & new emoji stickers.

Apple also released iPad OS 13.4 which gets some features updates too. One of the features you can get like the advance mouse support on the iPad.

2. Sony Reveals Some Technical Specifications of PlayStation 5.

PS5 Technical Specifications Reveal | Monday News #4 | UnBoxPatrol
Sony reveals that the PS5 is going to support all famous 100 PS4 titles with 3D audio, which seems good like playing the remastered versions of PS4 games.

The PS5 is also going to support 4k For 4k gaming and the graphics of PS5 are even going to have high resolution & maybe it's going to support the ray tracing, which adds more realistic shadow & effects in the games.

For the faster loading time & speed, the PS5 is also going to have an SSD Storage which is almost the good reveal, for PS5 lovers who want SSD Support on PlayStation.

3. The New Leaks of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 Leaks | Monday News #4 | UnBoxPatrol
According to the leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Comes with sport FHD+ Display 1920×1200 Resolution.

The tablet will include a Sim tray & the micro SD slot, 5MP front selfie camera.

And for the backside, it has the 8MP main camera with bottom stereo speakers &  USB C Port.

4. New Mi10 is going to launch in India.

Mi10 Launch In India | Monday News #4 | UnBoxPatrol
The New Smartphone from Xiaomi is going to launch in India, The Mi10 Smartphone is set to be launched in India this month. The arrival of this Smartphone is expected with the Xiaomi India post on Twitter "1080MP is Coming".

5. CoronaVirus (COVID-19) on the PC Industry.

COVID-19 on PC Industry
According to Digittimes report, the sale of the motherboard, the graphics card is fell down at 30 to 50 % in China last month, Due to CoronaVirus (COVID-19). And there are no signs of improvement until July.

The effect of COVID-19 is also seen in laptop sales, it was down at 40% because of low demand & shipment delay.

6. COVID-19 Impact on Google & Amazon.

COVID-19 Impact on Google & Amazon
Not only on the PC Industry the CoronaVirus also has an impact on Google Ads, due the COVID-19 Amazon cut their spendings on Google Ads. And on almost March 11, Amazon their spendings on Google Ads.

So this is the complete MondayNews, I hope you all like these updates & news. For more news on tech & updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

Monday News #4 By IsarKhan: 


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