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6 Best VPN on Android 2021

Before beginning with the list of 6 best VPN on android of 2021, Know what is VPN? & why do you need a VPN?

best vpn on android
6 Best VPN on Android 2021

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that helps you to encrypt your data & hide your personal data from any public network. It will hide your details by bouncing your network activity through a secure chain to another server miles away.

Why do you need a VPN?

You can use VPN in the public network. In urgent or emergency you can use VPN to share your data with others. By using VPN you will get secure protection from hacking or phishing in any free public network.

Did you know that?

AtlasVPNs Global VPN Provider showed an analysis in the mid of 2021, where the report represents a growth of 671% VPN users over 2020. In India, almost 348.7 million users install VPN on their devices, which pushes India to the top slot as a country with the highest growth rate of users in VPN globally.

Best VPN on Android Which You Can Install Right Now!

1. NordVPN

best vpn on android
NordVPN | Best VPN on Android 2021

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services providers, which was available for android. Almost a million-plus users are using NordVPN for their safety in using free public networks. With Android NordVPN is also available for Windows, Linux, Chromebook, IOS Apple Devices, OR As Extensions.

Features of NordVPN

  • It's a paid service but if you want to try, In android you will get a 7-days free trial.
  • It has a wide network of servers up to 5200+ in 60+ countries.
  • Available for all types of devices. Windows, Android, IOS, Linus, OR Extensions.
  • No logging of your activity.
  • Fastest VPN on the planet.
  • Blocks ads and malware.

Why NordVPN is Best For You

In comparison with other paid VPN services providers, NordVPN is one the best VPN brand available. CNET also recommends NordVPN in her Top VPN list. If you are a professional person who looks for the perfect VPN for their work, then this is best for you.

2. Turbo VPN

best vpn on android
Turbo VPN | Best VPN on Android 2021

Turbo VPN is another best VPN Service, Provider available for android. It also has millions of users worldwide who use its service for their daily use. Turbo is also available for different devices like Windows, IOS, Macbook.

Features of Turbo VPN

  • It was kind of both Paid OR Free. For better speed & security you can go with PAID, If you are using it for personal use just for browsing then go with FREE servers which you will get in the Turbo VPN Android application.
  • Turbo has 21000+ servers in 45+ countries.
  • Available for Android, IOS, Windows, OR Mackbook.
  • Access Geo-blocked Websites, Apps and Games & Bypass Geo-blocking content.
  • Double-up the Device Security.

Why Turbo VPN is Best For You

Turbo is one of the best VPN on android. If you want a VPN for personal use like browsing or others then this VPN application is best on our list.

3. AtlasVPN

best vpn on android
AtlasVPN | Best VPN on Android 2021

AtlasVPN is the other best VPN service available for android. It was only available for Android OR Windows. If you are a user of any other devices like IOS, Linux, Chromebook then you can check out other listed VPN applications.

Features of AtlasVPN

  • You can use Free on Android, If you want to use it on windows then I will prefer you to buy the PAID plan.
  • It has Servers all around the world.
  • SafeSwap Servers for several IP addresses.
  • Block malware and ads.
  • Tracker blocker helps you to track & block suspicious websites & phishing links.
  • Advanced Leak Protection (IPv6).

Why AtlasVPN is Best For You

Atlas VPN is one of the best Global VPN providers, Atlas was also featured in Washington Post, Forbes, CNBC, CNET. They have servers all around the world which will help you to browse fast with any IP addresses you want. And this makes it one of the best VPN on Android of 2021.

4. Power VPN

best vpn on android
Power VPN | Best VPN on Android 2021

Power VPN is the best & Free VPN Service Provider for Android. It was also available for IOS Apple devices. It has multiple servers around the world which help you to connect with different IP locations. it was not available for Windows OR Linux.

Features of Power VPN

  • It was a completely free VPN application that you can use for personal use.
  • It was available for Android & IOS.
  • Simple Interface. Just click to connect.
  • 30+ different worldwide server locations to connect to.
  • Unblocks any blocked website.
  • NO LOGS! you're completely anonymous and protected.

Why Power VPN is Best For You

In comparison with other listed VPN applications, It was completely free. If you only want to use it for personal use then it was the best VPN on Android for you.


best vpn on android
HOT VPN | Best VPN on Android 2021

HOT VPN is another free VPN available for Android. It is only available for Android. With great & easy use UI, it helps you connect easily with 30+ locations. And it supports multiple languages for better use.

Features of HOT VPN

  • It was a completely free VPN application.
  • It was only available for android devices.
  • Get full access to your favorite blocked websites.
  • Encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).

Why HOT VPN is Best For You

If you are finding it simple with great UI & easy to use free VPN, then this was the best VPN on Android for you.

6. ProtonVPN

best vpn on android
ProtonVPN | Best VPN on Android 2021

ProtonVPN is the last best & trusted VPN Service Provider on our list. It was available for multiple devices like Android, IOS, Windows, Linux. It has 1000+ secure servers which will give you a fast acceleration on web browsing, etc.

Features of ProtonVPN

  • It has both PAID & FREE Plan. In the free plan, you will get access to few servers which you can use to connect, OR In paid, you will get access to 1000+ servers with fast acceleration.
  • It was available for multiple devices like Android, IOS, Windows, Linux.
  • With 1400+ fast servers across 60+ countries.
  • DNS Leak Prevention, Kill Switch, and Always-on VPN
  • High speed & Easy to use UI.

Why ProtonVPN is Best For You

If you want a premium VPN then ProtonVPN is the one. If you are using this for professional or personal, it fits both. And this makes Proton the best VPN on Android for you.


So, this is the complete article on 6 Best VPN on Android 2021. While writing this I found dozens of VPN applications or service providers but they are almost trash, which I don't think to set down in the best VPN on Android list. 

I hope that you will find this helpful & it will find you the best VPN for your use. OR please comment down on which VPN you got bad services & experience with UI.


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